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Evan’s Story

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Evan is a 15 year old boy living in Central Florida that is a patient of Dr. Sandra Cely.  Evan has Dandy Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation.   He was born with fluid on his brain and is missing the connective tissue, called corpus callosum, which connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitates interhemispheric communication.  

Evan began therapy immediately as an infant and then at age 3 began speech and language classes.  He attended Brookshire Elementary through 4th grade which has school programs for speech and language impaired children.  He then went to Bridge’s Academy which specializes in children with learning disabilities from 4th through 8th grade and is now attending Orlando Christian Prep,  a private school that offers programs to help Evan if he needs a safety net while attending regular classes.  

Evan has always complained of persistent back pain.  His regular Pediatrician overlooked or simply disregarded the comments that Evan’s back hurt, possibly because he was unable to determine or understand why.  Finally Evan had an MRI which revealed that his spinal cord was “tethered” causing significant pain in his back and legs.  Dr. Trumble performed surgery at Florida Hospital however Evan was still in considerable pain. 

When Evan came to see Dr. Cely two years ago, she first addressed medication choices and Evan’s anxiety and depression.   The frustrations Evan was experiencing and the depression had never before been acknowledged and cared for.   Evan’s mother Debbie said “Dr. Cely heals the whole family, not just the child”, because Dr. Cely also helped Debbie deal with her anger.  Naturally as a parent, stress and anger starts to build over time in continually trying to help your child by finding the best possible care available to meet their needs.  Dr. Cely was just the caregiver Evan needed.  She provided lots of valuable information and helpful tools to assist in treating Evan and the entire family.

Cely tried unconventional methods including yoga, exercise, and acupuncture to ease Evan’s pain- and it worked! Finally! Debbie stated, “thanks to Dr. Cely thinking outside the box, Evan is in far less discomfort and the amount of pain medication has been reduced”.  His back pain has diminished greatly over the past year and he is slowly weaning off of medication for the first time in many years!  He still visits Dr. Cely to address language and anxiety issues but the back pain and associated depression is no longer a primary concern thanks to Dr. Cely being so thorough and attentive. “She really goes above and beyond” said Debbie. “Our whole family is most grateful”